Maine Adult Education Association

Maine Adult Education Association (MAEA) is a nonprofit organization representing adult education programs, professionals and volunteers in Maine since 1965.

MAEA Board 2018-2019

Left to right, back, Bill Grant, Lorraine Robida, Ann Sargent, LeRae Kinney on the screen, Suzanne Nowinski, Anita St. Onge, Jenny Rose, Shelli Pride, Allen Lampert.  Front row, left to right, Susan Knight, Thelma Regan, Razell Ward, Steve Vose.  (Missing from photo is Kayla Sikora.)


Maine Adult Education Conference 2019

Registration is now closed.  For questions or concern, please call Shirley Wright at 207-564-3630.

Welcome, Suzanne Nowinski, Conference Chair 2019

Brochure 2019

MAEA Conference 2019 Hotel Blocks

Map of Donald P. Corbett Building, UMaine

Map of Memorial Union, UMaine


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Maine Adult Education Association


Maine Adult Education Association is a professional, non-profit organization that advocates for adult education locally, statewide, and nationally and supports members in order to meet the educational, training, and personal needs of Maine’s adults.

We do this by:

  • Advocating for and elevating Maine’s adults to meet, educational, training and personal goals.
  • Encouraging, promoting, and conducting professional development among adult educators.
  • Advocating for relevant and high quality adult and community education in Maine.
  • Promoting communication, networking, and collaborations among members and other partners.
  • Advocating and communicating with local, state and national policymakers to achieve the purposes of the organization.

Revised May 2018


Revised Bylaws 2016

Adult Education in Maine

Adult Education programs in Maine support adults along all aspects of their educational journey.

Maine Adult Education Data 2015-2016

4,906 Adult High School Completion Students (Diploma and HiSET)

1,242 Of 4906 students received High School Credential

2,217 College Preparatory Students

6,643 Workforce Preparation Participants

2,207 English Language Acquisition and Civics Education Learners

3,320 Adult Basic Education Students

873 High School Credit Recovery Students (High School Students)

37,292 General Enrichment Participants


Local Adult Education Programs

Maine Adult Education is a state-wide system with 78 programs located throughout the state in more than over 85% of Maine’s towns, cities, and unorganized territories; adult education programs are located in most areas with a high school. Most programs run year-round and combine both day and evening classes.

Affordable: The average course costs $40, many services are free.

Trusted and Familiar: Most programs have been in operation for more than 25 years, serving Maine communities and individuals. Maine Adult Education has the flexibility to meet local needs.

Searchable: Course listings are searchable statewide at for the majority of Maine programs.

Equipped: Certificate Programs in such areas as Certified Nurse Aid, Office Skills, Computer Skills and Customer Service are offered in many regions.

Diverse: Academic credentialing, worksite-based education, self-supporting community programming, English as a Second Language, literacy classes and tutoring, family literacy programs combining adult and early childhood education, parenting, distance learning and computer access are also offered across the state. In many areas, career and educational counseling is available.

Prepared: A nationally-recognized College Transitions program is available in all areas of the state.

Partners: Partnerships with Maine Career Centers and other agencies are encouraged by Adult Education programs

Funding for Maine Adult Education

Funds for adult education in Maine come from state subsidy on local expenditures, local tax dollars, federal funding for literacy and some vocational programs, and tuition and fees paid by individuals, businesses and agencies for community, workplace and vocational education. The bang for the buck in adult education is great; individuals and families are changed, our workforce is enhanced, and our communities strengthened.