The words of Maine Adult Education students on the topic, “Adult Education as a stepping stone…”

Monique from Madawaska
I want to get the word out that there need not be a stigma attached to returning to school. Madawaska Adult Education allows people to learn new skills to enter the workforce; it offers folks who want a career change an opportunity to “brush up” on skills that have not been utilized in quite a while.  As well as a chance to rediscover myself, Madawaska Adult Education saved me quite a sum of money. I was able to take my math class at no cost whereas it would have been about $500 at a university.

Sherry from Portland
Adult Ed is a stepping stone to my future because it allows me to start over.  They’re providing me some education that I really needed and didn’t know how to go about doing it and it allows me to feel good about myself once again. Also get back into the working world again.

Sokun from Portland
I haven’t been to school since I was 17.  I came to adult education to get my high school equivalency diploma. Without that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent job.  In the near future I would like to go to college, so adult education helps me refresh my memory on math and punctuation, so forth.

David from MSAD 9
I have goals in my life, goals I hope to achieve by going to college.  The Farmington Adult Learning Center has played a big role in helping me achieve these goals by helping me brush up significantly on my math. They are very dedicated to what they do and if it wasn’t for them it would be a lot more difficult to go to college especially in the math department.

Tammy from Portland 
I feel that without a higher education I will not be able to provide for my children the way I feel they deserve.

Luis from Portland
Adult education is a stepping stone to my future because it offers me an opportunity to re-engage myself to learn, thus increasing my chances of success.

Betty from Windham
I would enjoy like to know how to write a letter and not be embarrassed by my spelling and become a better reader. I’d like to understand the meaning of the words without always being lost in what is being said.  Also, my boss wants me to take on more responsibility.

Danielle from Windham
It’s helping me learn new things, things I didn’t know before.  I checked into the program and there’s a lot to offer after I complete the program.  I like the fact that they’re here to help you even after I complete the program like: They’ll help you with college if you want to, they’ll even help you with a job.  It’s good to have a program like this, cause it helps us complete our goals, and helps us with a job that we would like.  I think Adult Ed helps us in the future in many ways.

Norma from Windham
I hesitate sometimes when I want to express my thoughts through English language; my vocabulary is not as much reliable as I would like it was.  This situation penalizes my feelings. My son got advised about this course of Adult Education and this originated my big interest for studying in a correct way. Thank God I had had no objection for being accepted because I am a Brazilian senior woman.  I am very happy and I promise myself maintain studying hard because I am really very much interested in being fluent in English language.  I think I have a minimum knowledge and I hope to be current with news and get a maximum improvement.  My concern is about grammar because it deprives me to express in a correct manner.

Tami from Windham
I am in the process of getting my GED completed.  After my GED is completed, want to go back to school to become an accountant.  I am a home-schooling mom and this process has helped me to become a better teacher for my son and his schooling.  In the future, I can see myself with my chosen career, and feeling good about myself.

Courtney from SAD 49
Adult Education is a stepping stone in my life because it will help me achieve my goals in college.  My math and writing classes will prepare me for the start of my classes in college and the real world and the responsibilities that come with that. My study skills course helps me learn how to manage work, school, and my off time.

Nicole from SAD 49
Adult Education is a stepping stone for my future because it will get me into the college I want to go to.  It will also give me goals and help me succeed in my courses.  In addition, it helps me be responsible.  My study skills course helps me learn what type of learner I am and how much more I should study.  In my math class I learn basic math for college.  My writing class teaches me basic writing and how to write essays, etc.

Jen from Lewiston
Adult Education is the stepping stone to my future because I want to learn.  I have better self-esteem. Teachers make a difference in the way they teach and treat their students.  I have a better understanding of academics.  I feel very proud of myself and know I can do anything I want to do.  And get a job in any career of my choice.  Without Adult Education I would still feel stupid and useless.

Mercudos from Lewiston
Adult education is a stepping stone to my future because it has helped me with my education with math, reading and writing.  My life is much better because of Adult Education.

Garat from Lewiston
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because the first time I came here I saw new doors to my future, and I mean “new doors to my future” because today I want to get my GED and then tomorrow to go to college.   I am proud of myself and my teachers which helped me to get the goals I have today.

Michelle from Lewiston
College will open up career opportunities which will be another step to taking better care of my family.  By having a great job that I love so I’ll be able to pay my bills and send my children to college.  I have goals to become a midwife and to properly take care of my family.  In order to get my goals, I have to put my education first.

Rosa from Bucksport
I need to learn English to get a job. I also need to speak better so that others understand me. I have American friends, and I want to have conversations with them and with my son-in-law, who is American. At church, I want to teach bible school and provide spiritual help to other people, too, but I need to speak English for that. The most important thing is to learn English for my job and to teach in English at church. This adult education program is very important for all immigrants. It is a huge help I think. I like this country, and I want to serve in some way here.

Autumn from MSAD 9
Adult education is a stepping stone to my future because I have been out of school for 11 years. When they tested me I was at a ninth grade level.  Ouch!  The Farmington Adult Education Center is tutoring me in math which is a big stepping stone to making me feel comfortable with going to college and preparing for my future!  Dave rules!

Nick from MSAD 9
The education given allows me to shape my future in the way I choose.  It has given me the tools I failed to grasp at an earlier point in my life that should enable me to accomplish my goals.

Rose from MSAD 9
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because it has made me feel more confident in myself and working with the teachers has also made the learning interesting and fun.  Because Adult Education is available to help me, as well as others, in my future I know when I go to better my education I am more confident and I can also go and get a better paying job.  I personally got involved with Adult Ed to get my GED because I wanted to and I have enjoyed everything, more so than high school.

Verna from Madawaska
I always felt cheated because I had to drop out of school in grade 3. Now I can learn how to read and write English.  I used to avoid situations where I had to sign my name. I’m also learning how to spell.

Kent from Madawaska
I have worked 10 years at jobs I didn’t like. With adult education classes, I’m now reviewing for college courses in Respiratory Therapy, something I’ve always wanted to do. I see this as a second chance for my family and me.

Carla from Hallowell
I am attending adult ed classes because I want to get my diploma and go on to do forensics to get a better job and help my grandchildren with their homework if I can.

Ashley from Hallowell
Adult Ed is a stepping stone to my future because I would like to go to college for my nursing degree. If that does not work, then I am here in Adult Ed because I would like to get a better job. A lot of jobs nowadays require a high school diploma or a GED. It could help me get more money and for me to actually enjoy working.

Ben from Hallowell
Adult ed is a stepping stone for me because without my high school diploma I would not be able to do what I want to do. I want to go to CMCC for automotive so I can become a full time mechanic. Although I am already working in the automotive field being able to go to college will allow me to get there faster. Thank you adult ed!

Jerica from Hallowell
Adult ed is a stepping stone to my future because I would like to continue what I started in September of 1994, which was to graduate from high school. I became astray from my “plan” which was to get my diploma and go to massage therapy school. Now I am back on track, just because I am going to school at night does not mean I cannot do it.

Katlin from Hallowell
My reason for being in Adult ed is so I can prove that I am not someone who gives up on everything.  I feel in order to get respect from my family is that I need to be the first person in my family to finish school. Also I do not want to be looked at by my friends as the one who will never go anywhere with my life.

Faith from Sanford Adult Ed
I found that high school was a struggle for me and although the teachers were great there were so many students in a classroom they had little time for one on one help.  Adult Education on the other hand has helped me a lot to understand my schoolwork since there are not usually more then ten students per class, which leaves more time to explain things to students individually when they don’t understand.

Mid-Maine Regional Adult Education in Waterville
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because it will help me to get my high school diploma to get into college to become a teacher.  My future plans are to get my high school diploma, get my license, and become a teacher.  After becoming a teacher, I want to get into teaching first or second grade in a school.

Mid-Maine Regional Adult Education in Waterville
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because when I graduate from high school and get my high school diploma it will push me the harder towards college.  I will have this education behind my back so that I will go further in life.

Mid-Maine Regional Adult Education in Waterville
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because I would not feel competent to go on to college without it.  I came back to school to go on to college.  It has helped me get confidence to look beyond high school level classes. The people have been very helpful and friendly.

Jason from Wells
Earning my GED made it possible for me to join the Army.

Giedre from Wells
. . .in my future I would like to get a better job and go to college. For that I need to speak, write and understand English. Every new word matters.

Robert from Wells
After earning my GED, I entered a training program in the health field. Now I am a phlebotomist with a full-time job!

Paulius from Wells
Knowing English language helps me better understand American people and their culture. Improved English lets me choose a better job and be competitive in the job market.

Annie from Wells 
I would like to start a career in cosmetology and in order to do that I need to have a high school diploma or my GED.  High school isn’t for everyone and I think the GED program could help a lot of people follow through with what they want to do in life.

James from Wells 
It helps me understand what I am reading. I am learning to write and spell. I can learn to get my GED, maybe go to college.

Thomas from Bucksport Adult and Community Education 
Adult Ed is a stepping stone to my future because it’s giving me a unique chance at education, lets me have time to work almost full-time and get school. As well as that, I get my diploma for any future college I may want to attend. Also it’s a 1 on 1 sort of teaching so I don’t miss anything. In my opinion I like this way better than the regular high school education. It works with what I need right now.

Rina from Sanford
Adult Education is a stepping stone for me to learning English, continuing education, and learning about America. My English reading, writing, speaking, and listening will get better. I am getting more independent. I can do something by myself, like travel, I can read signs or get important letters. I understand what’s going on. I don’t need someone to explain to me. When my English is better, I will go to college to take business subjects. Maybe I would like to have own business someday. I am learning about American culture- – how people live. I have learned about science and health care that are better than in my country, Cambodia. I think adult education can help me reach all my goals.

Katie from Winthrop
I want to obtain my diploma so I may attend college.  Winthrop Adult Ed. has helped me out greatly, and I feel as though I have learned just as well here, as I did in high school.  My teachers are always friendly and more than willing to help if I find myself having trouble academically. I plan on attending college next year for culinary arts.  I know that if I did not have the help and support from adult education, that I would not know where to begin in search of college for me. I am truly grateful adult ed. is here to help me.

James from Winthrop
Winthrop Adult Ed. has opened opportunities for me through furthering my education in more ways than just in the classroom.  When I first entered the program, we immediately sat down and discussed my future and college which had not really been an option to me before entering the program.  My instructors went the extra mile to encourage me to attend seminars and to talk with the necessary people to kind of jump start my college well before leaving the adult ed. program. In the classroom, my learning experience has been very helpful to me already in the work place. My memory has improved, and I do a lot of math right off the top of my head.  I believe this had to do with small classes and more one on one time with the teachers and students. In closing, I would recommend anyone who is looking to further their education to begin here at adult ed.

Tracy from Winthrop
It let me know I was capable of furthering my education and doing the work.  I am attending Andover College and love it.

Tiffany from Bucksport
Bucksport Adult and Community Education is a stepping stone to my future because with all the help from my teachers and fellow student, I will reach my goal of a high school education/diploma.  In high school I didn’t like going to my classes and didn’t get along with the other students very well.  Which means I didn’t earn a lot of the credits I should have.  But Bucksport Adult and Community Education gave me another chance.  Here the classes are smaller, which help me concentrate on my education and I basically work at my own pace. Bucksport Adult Ed will always be a stepping stone in my life and career.

Lisa from Windham
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because I am 41 years old, have worked in too many places that either close their doors, or always have lay-offs.  I found this to be a perfect time in my life to learn something new. I have talked to different people who went to different schools for their career choice.  So far, I have found that Adult Ed is the right choice for me. Teachers are there to teach and help each individual succeed when others may know more. They teach what is needed for your career in all points (meaning not just the basics). We’re able to e-mail them when school is closed.  They respond back.
Pam from Sanford
Adult Education is a stepping stone to my future because it has been a great opportunity and experience. When I achieve my accounting certificate there are a few choices to make.  I may go into business again, be an employee, or continue my education.

Chris from Winthrop

I first enrolled in Adult Ed in Tampa,FL where I earned my G.E.D. through a on-line course I used to study. I worked anywhere from 40 – 70 hours per week and I took care of my daughter till she went to bed, so it made it easier for me to achieve my goal.  After I obtained my GED on the first try I felt I liked going to school so from there I went to Roadmaster and got my Class “A” license. I could not find a job for a year so I enrolled in Winthrop Adult Ed. to further my education to do what I love the best, “working with computers”. I am taking Algebra at Winthrop and intro to psychology and English comp at 2 other high schools toward computer science.  My goal now is to get my associates degree in computer science then maybe find a job and work toward my BA or just continue as a full time student toward my BA. In any case my top goal is to get the highest education possible in computer science so I do not have to break my back with physical labor like I did when I didn’t have an education. Adult Ed worked with my schedule and was pretty cheap to determine if I should better myself. I think if it was more expensive I might have thought of a different road to take.

Prepared for the Maine Adult Education Conference – 2007 with additions in 2009.